Absolute Hypnosis In Another World

Absolute Hypnosis In Another World Manga


Alternative: 내 맘대로 이세계 최면! ; Hypnosis in Another World as I Like it! ; Isekai Hypnosis ; New World Hypnosis ; 異世界催眠王
View: 10300000 views
Author(s): Kamadi (카마디) Onedollar (원달러)
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Isekai, Pornographic,
Status: Ongoing

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HYPNO is equipped with hypnosis, status window, nonsense and self-justification. He intends to build a harem using his new abilities in a new world! And... the first woman he meets in the new world is a married one with the hottest body!!---- (https://www.toptoon.net/comic/epList/81001)

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