Cavier Falcon Princess

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Alternative: Carrier Falcon Princess / Herald Princess / 전령새 왕녀님
View: 8489000 views
Author(s): Dongjeon;Han Ryui;Samweoleh
Genre: Cooking, Drama, Romance, Sci-fi, Shoujo,
Status: Ongoing

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Read manga Cavier Falcon Princess / Carrier Falcon Princess / Herald Princess / 전령새 왕녀님 Zelle, the eighth royal princess of Roymonde, who was driven to the brink of defeat in the war. She was kidnapped by the enemy, and when she woke up… She became a bird?! Fortunately or unfortunately, as the messenger bird of Commander-in-Chief, Valhayle! She struggles for her country even though she is in a bird’s body. But you can’t even do as much as treat me like a bird!! “Gweeckkk!”

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