Cinderella Wa Sagasanai.

Cinderella Wa Sagasanai. Manga


Alternative: Cinderella found her Prince. ; シンデレラは探さない。
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Author(s): Tendou Gen Kuro
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shounen,
Status: Ongoing

Cinderella Wa Sagasanai. Content

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My little sister and I looked up at a high-rise apartment building, touching the clouds like a castle would. Even if there was a princess living in there, it didn't have anything to do with us, merely an unreachable existence---Or so we thought. With a meeting by pure chance, I ran into Shindou Rei, and realized. The Rei in front of me wasn't a princess, or the untouchable idol at school, but just a cute girl you could find anywhere.

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