Hanlim Gym

Hanlim Gym Manga


Alternative: Hallim Gymnasium ; Young FC P.V.P ; 한림체육관
View: 7000000 views
Author(s): Hyeseong
Genre: Action, Martial arts, Shounen, Sports, Webtoons, Manhwa,
Status: Ongoing

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Tired of being picked on, Yeongha, the new transfer student, decides to fight back… and discovers he can pack a punch. He soon becomes the top of the food chain, savoring his new title as the toughest guy at school. But he meets his match when Suho Kang, the Champion of the PVP games, single-handedly takes down him and his crew. To earn back his honor, Yeongha decides to join the PVP games. Will he finally get the satisfaction of beating Suho up? Or will he gain something more?

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