Kondo Wa Korosaretakunai Azarashi-San

Kondo Wa Korosaretakunai Azarashi-San Manga


Alternative: Ms. Seal Who Does Not Want To Be Killed Anymore ; こんころ ; 今度は殺されたくないアザラシさん
View: 8700000 views
Author(s): Uozumi Yukiko
Genre: Comedy, Romance,
Status: Ongoing

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For some reason, Mahiru is able to see people’s past life.In her own past life, she was a seal born in the Arctic, in which she ended up marvelously eaten by a polar bear. The occasional nightmares about her past life still trouble her til this day.Then one day, the said polar bear from her past life suddenly appeared before her in the form of a handsome man (Ritsu) …!

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