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Alternative: Cursed Blessing ; El viento que mece las ramas ; Like a Dry Branch in the Wind ; Like a Wind on a Dry Branch ; Like the Wind on a Dry Branch ; Như gió trên cành khô ; Wie ein welker Ast im Winde ; Подобно сухой ветви на ветру ; Хуурай мөчир дээрх салхи ; Хуурай мөчир дээрх салхи шиг ; همانند باد بر شاخه ای خشک؟ ; ราวลมพัดกิ่งไม้แห้ง ; នារីកូនបំណុល ; 废皇子的神秘情人 ; 廢皇子的神祕愛人 ; 赤い瞳の廃皇子 ; 마른 가지에 바람처럼
View: 16000000 views
Author(s): Moon Seaul Uret Dalsaeowl
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Manhwa,
Status: Ongoing

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As plague and turmoil afflicts the empire, enchanting widow Rieta Tristi finds herself at the mercy of a malicious nobleman and his dying wish to have her buried alive beside his corpse. The plague has taken her husband, slave traders have taken her young child, and now her own life is at risk -- until an unexpected visit from the empire's outcast prince changes everything.Count Casarius fell victim to a plague and died suddenly, leaving behind a will stating that Rietta, a beautiful young widow of the manor, whom he tried to use as a concubine, be buried alive alongside him. Just before Rietta is buried, Archduke Axias, rumored to be a cruel tyrant, arrives at the funeral to collect the enormous debt Count Casarius still owes him."Everyone here seems to feel sorry for her, and I still have a debt to collect from Casarius… If I take her instead, I think all of you here should be happy," he smiled, "Hello, my temptress."

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