Oreni Sosogarerunante Arigataku Omoeyo

Oreni Sosogarerunante Arigataku Omoeyo Manga


Alternative: The Mischievous Incubus
View: 12400000 views
Author(s): Hanagatami Aya
Genre: Action, Comedy, Josei, Mature, Romance, Slice of life, Smut, Supernatural,
Status: Ongoing

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"Say it. Say you want me to fuck you..." My whole body turned into an erogenous zone, every single touch creates pleasure... He greedily devours my entire body and I can't get away from him...!**WARNING: Contains non-consensual and dubious consensual sexNotices:Please support the artist if you can. Hanagatami Aya is a duo of Mita Ryuusuke ("Dragon Half") and Ogishima Chiaki ("Heat Guy J"), who are also husband and wife.

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