The Young Lady Is A Royal Chef

The Young Lady Is A Royal Chef Manga


Alternative: Lady Chef Royale ; Royal Chef Young Lady ; 로열 셰프 영애님
View: 15700000 views
Author(s): Risha
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Isekai,
Status: Ongoing

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As a chef at a small knight's restaurant, I became the nuisance youngest daughter of a powerful man who was afraid of the emperor. I tried to run away with all my travel expenses…It’s strange.“If you say you're sorry, are you that shameless?”“That’s because I’m your brother.”“Why don't you take Grandmother on a stroll?”Why is everyone so nice to me all of a sudden?“Why do you want to take out someone's eyeballs when they see me?”People who had caught me trying to escape.I'm just cooking. What's wrong with you?

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